#NigerianCreatives: CASTLES IN THE AIR. By: Oche_Writes.


And as the rear door of the black bulletproof limousine was slowly swung open, the resounding screams quickly made way to his ears as he stealthily peered through the open space to stare at the crowd that gallantly cheered his name. Immediately, smiles adorned the face of Emeka as he majestically stepped out of his heavily guarded Limo to wave at his die-hard fans who roared his name tirelessly.
One would gaze at this embodiment of perfection and quickly get jealous of him.
He possessed such a spotless face that rested on well built shoulders. His jacket was tailored to perfectly fit his physique, and his gold plated wristwatch shone like a thousand stars. Oh damn! His shoes! They seemed to hug his feet without blemish. It was a night the town had been waiting for. Emeka had flown into Mbaino city earlier to address the young folks of this milieu. He was renowned to be the best motivational speaker his country had ever birthed.
Finally, after waving, he began walking towards the entrance of the hall where he would speak, which had already been filled with thousands of young men and women. He was led by his team of bodyguards as he took such giant steps that radiated a great measure of confidence. The young men struggled to touch him, whilst the ladies flashed camera lights to capture selfies of him.

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His smile which was just enough to sweep a swarm of women off their feet never escaped his face for a moment.
As he stepped into the large hall and approached the stage, you could clearly hear the audience chant EMEKUS! EMEKUS! EMEKUS! as they had fondly nicknamed him. Just as he stood behind the microphone and was about to open his mouth to speak…Emeka jerked to his feet only to realize that he had fallen asleep.
He was woken by his elder brother because it was time to go home after harvesting the yams for the day. Emeka grudgingly picked up his hoe and cutlass to find his way home. Oh, how his dreams were only building castles in the air.

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Written by: Oche_writes.

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