#NigerianArtists: OLD AGE. By: Bewaji Mayowa.

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All thanks to God Almighty, I finally finished this great piece.

Title: Old Age
Medium: blue ballpoint pen on paper,
Duration: 180 hours,
Size: 19/14 inches
Inspiration: Old age is perplexing to imagine in part, because the definition of it is notoriously unstable. As people age, they tend to move the goalposts that marks out major life stages.
By the process of time, second form year, by the phenomenon of will mission cross purpose. Nothing lasts longer without changes, there must be an off process.
Fresh tomato is tomato paste, cow was once a calf, my grandfather has my view years ago.
Old age, contour of wrinkles, smooth loss of face, weak strength, less effort, diverse of symptoms.
Old age, full prayer, long advice, quality of hope, timely cough, expectant of death, by the way, longer sleep.
Law of diminished returns at old age, man do as they have done before.
The stage one recalls and writes full content of the spent project of life.
Have you also thought about it that, it’s inevitable, no matter how you keep fit, old age is paramount.
“…only the aged can tell what the eyes have seen”
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I am Bewaji Mayowa; check out more of my works on Instagram @benjima_art.

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6 thoughts on “#NigerianArtists: OLD AGE. By: Bewaji Mayowa.

  1. This is excellent, though he’s been a good artist for long, I’m happy he’s here on this platform where he’s nice works can be showcased.

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