NEW YEAR, NEW YOU. By: Sophie Ketiku.


Happy happy new year to you!!!

So, are we on the same old “New Year, New Me” resolution only to be ending up just in the same place we were by the end of the year?
With me, I’ve not really been for or against new year resolutions because in truth, throughout the year, I’m planning and re-planning, strategizing and re-strategizing. I’m always adjusting my schedule as the year goes. However, I don’t happen to have a routine or be consistent with a lot of things due to this.
And, I guess this is the problem with the vast majority. But, not to worry, as in the last two months of 2017, I figured out a couple of effective strategies….so, I got us covered!!!

1. Have a Mobile Daily Schedule (Trello):

The major reason for constantly changing my daily schedule is immobility. All of my plans were all over the place, on paper (that i would forget where i kept after two weeks) and on my phone (more secure but i tend to write a lot more than type). So, I figured I needed a mobile house for all of my plans and schedule. I needed a mobile P.A.! And, a friend got me hooked and stuck on Trello!

**glimpse of my trello space ; )

Let me tell you what this amazing app does… It’s everything; everyone needs an app like Trello. (I feel like it’s an entire blog post on its own but it’s pretty easy to get the hang off.)

**glimpse of my trello space ; )

It basically lets you plan and make to do/check lists (with deadlines) and track growth for every area of your life, from work to personal and social activities. You’ll never regret downloading this app!

2. Stay Simple, Small and Specific:
Rather than write a huge pile of things you want to accomplish at the start of the year. Think of the extraordinarily specific one thing you must not leave the year without and start from there! FOCUS is the keyword!
Focus on the captured image, not the background – Soph

3. Reflect:

You need to have a set time to review your progress. As you’ve now set your goals by making small lists of things to do everyday to get you to your destination, you need to review at the end of the day, at the end of the week and at the end of the month. It’s like checking on something or someone you care about. In fact, it’s checking on yourself!

4. Turn off unnecessary notifications || Go “Ghost Mode” || “Appear Offline”:

If you’ve made a realistic daily schedule, you would have a set time for social media. As I started writing this post, I was distracted by an alert from a random Facebook “friend” because i forgot to change my Facebook visibility. If you were me and you’re easily distracted, that’s how this blog post would not see the light of today.
In essence, turn off all those unnecessary Instagram and YouTube notifications, set your Facebook visibility to “appear offline”, set your Skype visibility to “away”, “offline”. It’s sneaky, but its best you keep it that way, till its your set time to socialize, else idle chat with time wasters or watching uneducated contents will waste your whole day. It’s that simple!

5. Zero Value Person? No Time!

Only be generous with your time to people who have earned it by the value they have given or could give to you. And keep this circle as manageable as possible, else you’ll find you’re having to reach out to too many people and that’s time-consuming too. That’s why you may;
Keep a thousand fans but keep a tiny circle of friends – Soph

6. Stop With the Everlasting Media Lurking!

Stop with checking your feeds every hour and scrolling through feeds aimlessly and incessantly. Check your emails and feeds no more than thrice a day and at whatever time you specifically set on your daily schedule. Any mail or feed you miss after the three attempts would wait till the next day. You ain’t gonna die!

7. Take a Break before you Break down!

Take short breaks, leave your desk for a couple of minutes, look out the window, unwind, socialize, go on social media and laugh your head off, drink water, breathe, eat, meditate, reserve your energy, re-strategize, refuel, go back to the drawing board and remind yourself of your goals.

Self-love is knowing you owe it to yourself to account for how you spend your time – Soph
Please share any more tips you’ve got in the comment section. Like and share, thanks.
With all my love xxx

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Written by: Sophie Ketiku (2018).

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