TALE OF A PSYCHOPATH Part 1. By: Ordeezy

You felt like a king with a significant crown

Because she loved you enough to draw her pants down

You glowed with pride after the last round

Then you became a beast with a hard frown.

You call her a whore because she was cheap

She gave you all, love was the tip

She made you hard from bottom to tip

Now she’s garbage just after the trip.

For love she was a whore

She would hold you if you fall

Satisfy your lust from dusk to dawn

Yet you clutch hard with your claw.

Her heart tore open by pain

She couldn’t live with the negative fame

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She jump to her death to end the game

She wished Love never sang your name.


This piece is written by Ordeezy 2017.

Author: stacyspeaks

Creativity feeds my soul.

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