#NaturePhotography: STAND OUT AND SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE. By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

Many times, we try to fit into the crowd, not being happy with the way we are, not trying to be unique and trying something new. To often we seek other people’s opinion before taking steps that make us happy and satisfied.

M.I Abaga emphasized in his song titled, ‘Crowd Mentality’, that the need not to follow the crowd and history has its records inscribed in gold plate the names of great men who became immortal due to their exploit here on earth. Standing out can be daunting at times and you might even receive some backlash from those close to you. However, everyone has a unique selling point that can’t be purchased anywhere else. YOU ARE THE STRENGTH TO SOMEONES ELSES DEFICIENCY.

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So lets take a look at what makes you unique, is it your skintone, your body size, your accent or even the career you have chosen.

You see, if this newly blossoming flower had remained pink and not produced a yellow flower, I wouldn’t have noticed its beauty. So be yourself, standout and let the world see how beautiful you are.

…and above all, be everything you imagine

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