#NaturePhotography: IGNORED BEAUTY(Flowers). By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

Shot by: Fiwajomi PhotoArt.

I had passed this same route a couple of times on the way to my house. This beautiful flower could be easily identified as it surrounds a coconut tree but I never noticed it’s existence until that day. Guess I had never really paid attention to it’s beauty before now; it’s purple color makes it stand out among the other green leaves and brown stems around it. The remnants of the morning dew fades off quickly from the flower adding to it’s beauty. Then I asked myself, “how come I never noticed this?” Probably because it’s quite small or just blossoming. That’s the irony of life, beauty lies around us, we pass by them, trample upon them, and even when they call for our attention we quietly ignore them just because they don’t have the looks, physic or shape of what we want.
Be open hearted and expand your horizon, love within and then love around, love far yet love deep, for God has placed around you everything you need to beautify your life.

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Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa

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