NAIJA, WHICH WAY? By: The George O’Nuel.

If I tell you say I never chop since yesterday, shey you go believe?

See, wetin I wan yarn you na true talk, I no dey deceive
I don taya for Naija, but still ehn, I LOVE THIS COUNTRY
Naso I see Poverty way carry award on top my family tree
For Naija, we dey hustle like elephant dey chop like ant
Na this same country some fools (wey I no blame) dey scavenge for pant
Shey Naija dey move forward ni abi e dey retrogress
I swear down, #10YearsChallenge for Naija, we still never progress
Our Leaders don build wall of China as full stop for middle of poor and rich
The system go still try bring you down, if you try cross the bridge
House of this, National dat, Yen yen yen , Abeg which work dem dey do sef?
“Da thing” wey happen for Ghana dat day na wetin most of dem deserve
Hello…No be me talk am o!
Na from popular demand I hear am o!
Every sitting and meeting wey dem get, na to siddon share our money
Walahi, this people no try, dem dey do us cunny cunny

Popsi don go find work since morning, hin no chop before he go
Food no dey, light poor, road bad…we no get ego
Popsi don come back now, he go empty…he come empty.
Chai! Come see as him shoe chop dust, him cloth don dirty!
Mumsy sef don lose her job for government office
Everyday na water for her eyes and her facial surface

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Na only popsi shoe dey enjoy, e don chop for under
I dey vex right now e be like say make I order for thunder.
Naija which way na? Abeg which way?
Shey na God we go pray to? Abi na to go India to the witch way?

People are dying of depression
Poverty, our greatest infection
My mother now has high blood pressure
This nonsense has met my displeasure
ASUU is giving me too much leisure
Pain is giving us too much lecture
The only time we’re loved is before election
Internet fraud is most youth passion
Young ones are straying, no one to caution
The change we were promised is nothing but deception
The status quo is in recession
Corruption has become an addiction
But we were not like this from the inception
Our hope is fading like into a delusion

Abeg, make una no vex for the transmission of Grammar wey I dey spark
My anger don reach em limit, I kon dey spark
Wait sef! Wetin me sef sabi?
Dem don call us “Lazy Nigeria Youth” now abi?
But Nigerians, I hail oh, as in, una dey try!
Make una just stay strong, make una no cry!
Today dark, but tomorrow go bright
Make una uphold love and hope, make una no fight.
I suppose yan una plenty, but I gats go now
The garri wey I soak travel don swell reach, make I go chop now
Make I run before dem shoot me gun for head
Truth bitter. Dem go soon throw me stone, abeg make I bend.

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Maybe Sha we go dey talk later

But from my Heart, I write to you as a depressed ” Sick-tizen”

‘the George O’Nuel®️
GraceInkConcept {GIC}

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