#MyMelaninStory. By: DarkSkinnedFemale.


I’m more than happy to see how black people are being more appreciated now. This  wasn’t my case when I was small😑😑! “Are you a Ghanaian?” , most of them would ask and laugh wildly away. They’re like, why are you so dark? Or when I complain about the sun they’re like there’s nothing getting any darker in your body Dara, it’s a light person that should be complaining. Like what is wrong with people😑😑😑 Being black is amazing! Sometimes when they don’t know my name, they shout blackie, or iya Dudu lol.

Funny how Despite these jest making, I’ve never for once thought about bleaching or “toning” my skin. It’s a gift! An amazing gift; as I often tell people, if I was light skinned, I may not have gotten to some points as a model. Facts only!! I’m so proud of what my dark skin has made be become, so I proudly call myself DarkSkinnedFemale and still wear dark clothes 🤣

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For those that still think being black is lame, #MyMelaninStory be coming for y’all. Let no one deceive you, being black means being amazing. Your darkskin is beautiful hun, don’t be bullied because of it.

I am DarkSkinnedFemale, and here is #MyMelaninStory.

DarkSkinnedFemale is an eighteen (18) years old beauty model and a final year student of Bowen University. You can contact her for modeling jobs on Instagram @darkskinnedfemale_ and on twitter @thedarasimi

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