Have you ever longed after a worship experience that would take you to the realm of the angels and make you fill a renewed connection with God? This is my story…

On that fateful Saturday I sat at a lecture theatre in my Department trying to read and make good use of my weekend but God’s plans are very different from man; don’t ask me how. While I had sat for about one and half hour burying my head in my book, trying to concentrate and neglect all distractions around me I just couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t stop singing along then I stood up as a reaction to what was going on around me. I was very uncomfortably and decided to trace where this sound was coming from; I needed to be sure of what was happening or maybe it was my mind trying to tell me that my life was lacking an extra flavour. I put my head outside the window and saw the Chris Alabi Lecture Theater flooded with people who were clothed in garments of worship and praise.

Immediately, I assumed the Baptist Students Fellowship choristers were having a revival or something of that nature so I went back to my books but this time I found myself dancing and singing to the praises. I didn’t know how but I began to pack my books and bag together; I knew I was supposed to be in the midst of people who knew how to praise.

I walked towards the building after making up my mind that even if I read all the books in the world, only God is the giver of life, success and all good things.
As I stepped into the hall I felt like a burden had left me. I had dropped all my shy attributes at the door and joined in the worship session, I laid my heart and everything within me before God.

The experience wasn’t the regular at all; no one had time to scope anyone else. Every individual had come to lay their burden before God; people took various positions they found comfortable. Some sat or laid flat on the floor, climbed the chairs and table but trust me no one was found to be normal at ‘The Revolution’ because we all needed a revolution.

The first revolution in Bowen University ended on an expectant note; we all longed for more, more encounter with God but had no choice than to anticipate a similar experience at ‘The Revolution 2.0’. To my greatest surprise the children of God came prepared. The venue was filled to the brim and overflowing; it now became evident that while I live, my heart would sing his praises because only the living will praise him and sing of his wondrous works.

It was a brand new experience; a lot of people came on board thirsty for God’s presence and as usual they got served. This time another revolution is going to be happening on Friday, May 4, 2018 at the Bowen University worship centre from 8pm-1am.

The Revolution 3.0 worship concert theme is ‘More Than Songs’ with Ernieola Olusoga and Ibk White as the guest ministers along with other ministers including Bowen University Choir, Elsie, Pillars Communication, Deborah Tatama and other anointed ministers.

Come expectant as you would be having an encounter that will never be forgotten.

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