I always stared out a small arch window at the topmost corner of the castle. I loved the view from that window, I could see a vast area of the Kingdom, I could see a large land of green grass and beautiful yellow flowers, people working on their farms; they looked pretty tiny, like toy dolls and it made me giggle.

I had been in this castle for so long, I had no idea what other people looked like or how they spoke or how they behave. I only ate in the mornings and evenings when the Maidservant would slip me a tray of food under the heavy, wooden door.

Papa spoke to me once a month, he also, would slip a small or large piece of parchment under the door, depending on the content of the message. This time, the parchment was unusually small, I unrolled it and my eyes darted from one end to the other. It read: “Suitors will be coming for your hand in marriage”.

I was dazed and everyday million of thoughts will run through my mind about what kind of men would come looking for me because I knew I needed the right person that would be able to let me out of this castle.

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One day, a fine young man came, he was tall and well built, he came with a white friend, his friend was so beautiful, she had wings, she also had a beautiful smile drawn across her face, her face shone so brightly, just like diamonds, her wings looked soft and fluffy, her eyes were as clear as crystal.

The young man, he spoke so eloquently, he wore a solid gold armour, I was almost blinded by the glow from it. His white friend spoke to me, trying to convince me, but the Prince spoke so rudely to me. I made up my mind that he wasn’t my suitor.

It took a while before any other suitor came, I was scared and sad. I thought no one would be able to set me free from this awfully cold castle.

I sat at the edge of the staircase leading to the roof top sobbing, my eyes were filled with tears.

“My Lady” I heard a masculine voice. I looked up, but I could barely see his face, my sight had been blurred by my tears.

His eyes- his eyes were bright and sparkled.

His lips were pink, he had a beautiful smile that revealed a set of white, well arranged set of teeth. He was so tall, I had to look all the way up to see his face.

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His voice was deep but gentle, but he wasn’t wearing an armour but he was smartly and decently dressed.

He spoke to me in a tender voice, he bowed slightly with his right hand outstretched towards me, I wiped tears from my cheeks with the back of my hand, I grabbed his outstretched hand, he smiled and pulled me up.

I had found My Knight in Shining Armour, and he wasn’t even wearing one.

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