As the tip touches my lips, I withdraw in disgust.

I am disgusted from the unpleasant smell that emanates from the disgusting

black thing which I’m expected to put in my mouth.

It’s bad enough that this black rubbish is going down my throat

But it’s even worse that it’s my friend persuading me to do this, my best friend!

She comes closer to hold my nose, saying that it’ll make it easier

But I sincerely think she’s just trying to make me choke!

I’m obeying my friend because she said the last time she did this,

It sort of healed her almost like magic.

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Slowly, I put the tip on my lips again and little by little,

I started taking it in my mouth.

After what seems like the longest time,

My mouth was filled with liquid substance.

I took a deep breath, then I swallowed all of it,

Because that’s what my friend expected me to do.

After this experience,

I have come to the conclusion that

drinking ‘agbo’ from a cup isn’t so bad after all.

This piece is written by Feezah 2017.

Author: stacyspeaks

Creativity feeds my soul.

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