A typical work day for me is everyday because I am always working even on days I decide to rest…but distractions are things I can’t totally save myself from. I’m sure you also can’t run from it so we are in the same shoes but of different sizesπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
My work day distractions begins with my phone.

Oh goodness, its a hell of a distraction. I literally check my social media accounts every two minutes for updates. I don’t have to hear the beep of my notification. My ancestors in my mind just whispers to me, “girl you should have a message right now, why don’t you check it out?”
You know what? I pick up my phone, check my whatsapp (no chats), twitter (nothing urgent), Instagram (a thousand and one updates). Now I get a chair, make myself comfortable and begin to check out each picture and it’s caption.
The clock keeps ticking but it takes me about 30 minutes to get back to work mode and gradually the whole day is gone after doing this for the 100th time.Do you want to know my saving grace?


Ok, I’ll tell you. I am only lucky that I don’t have a boss, I don’t send in daily reports and I am not compelled to close from work at certain hours. That’s simply because I don’t actually have a job 😜😜😜 I only have some work to get done and I am my own boss.

The sour part of my story is that I have a reduced productivity time, less concentration and sometimes a wasted day so I have to pay back the lost hours by working at night when I am supposed to be resting.
Since we all work under different conditions its necessary for us to identify our distractions and learn how to effectively manage our time.

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We can make out daily schedules to plan out our day; stick it somewhere near so that you can frequently at it and put yourself on track at all times. You know time is money, they say.
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    1. Lol you are the lord of the phone 😁😁😁 but with a little bit of effort and consciousness you can get snap out of it. Thanks for stopping by do have a great weekend.

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