Taking laws into our hands has become a practice with extreme repercussions which has invaded our society; from the creditor confiscating properties belonging to a debtor, to quarrels and misunderstanding between neighbors leading to a party inviting hoodlum to beat up the other party. We have proclaimed titles of  judges, barristers, security personnel, law enforcement agents all wrapped into one so to say. Jungle justice as it is widely known and called has succeeded in retiring the rule of law allowing matters to be handled by an angry number of people who have all thrown caution to the wind, not minding who is watching, who it is detrimental to or who gets caught in the middle of it all.

Injustice is carried out in broad day light and to the dismay of few and in the presence of security personnel who have either lost their tongues or lack motivation to do the right things by the oaths they have taken and in some cases the “so called” security personnels are fully involved in the activities that they should not allow occur in the first place.

A boy who is said to have stolen a few cubes of maggi, a child who picks mangoes from the roadside hawker without paying, a woman who steals morsels of cassava flakes from a shop and a pickpocket whose day just went soar are all left at the mercy of an angry mob, whose rationality at that point cannot be vouched. Burning a human being who is still breathing is cold murder, beating a person to death, cutting off human parts and more as a form of punishment is degrading life itself.

The presence of this new epidemic does not say well of our legal system, but will you blame the perpetrators of this heinous activity? The “people” have lost confidence in their government, they do not trust in its system of leadership. Looters of the nations treasury are brought to light day in day out but never get punished. Then what exactly is the message the legal system is sending out to the greater number of the populace? That there is a certain percentage of its population that is above the law OR is it that the law is only applicable to a few. The few offenders caught by the people and handed over to the justice department are seen the next day roaming the streets breathing freely like nothing ever happened.


Thanks to the loyal services they render to “those” in high places. If you are fully sure that offenders are rightly charged with their crimes regardless of who they are, whom they know, and who they are friends with then, mob and jungle justice will not even have been conceived in the first place. People create and execute their own laws to their satisfaction because they know the laws of the country will not do so for them. Although, it is detrimental to them still because the tragedy of this so called “justice” is that it is always executed on the lower class, petty offenders, their immediate neighbors who are also searching for their footings in an insincere government and not those they deeply hold a grudge against.

People act in bizarre ways when pressured or motivated wrongly, which is why a child caught been a delinquent should be corrected as he/she could be under higher influence, adolescents should be sent to correctional facilities, and adults punished according to their crimes by set laws after being heard. We should not just all jump into finding tires, bringing and pouring petrol on offenders, providing matchboxes, canes, or perfect location to execute without hearing their own side of the story. We should not give in to misplaced aggressions and frustrations, believe it or not the world at large is an evil place filled with sadists everywhere. Everyone deserves to be heard and given better opportunities because as stupid as anyone is, they will not in their right minds resort to doing things that got others killed or almost killed publicly.


Mob justice,Jungle justice or whatever it’s called in your environs is really NO JUSTICE at all, as it is never fair to anybody so let us all respect the rule of law, charity it is said begins at home.

This write up is put together by Binta Ibrahim (2017) while the photo source is Google chrome.





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