Aisha never appealed to Musa as a woman. Her soft voice irritated him and her tiny eyes scared him as, he thought, they made her look like a frightened cat. Yet, seeing Musa and talking to him under the pretense of inquiring if his parents have returned from the farm were the highlights of Aisha’s day. She loved and adored him.

Completing the triangle of love was Gimba, an open admirer of Aisha. Aisha may have given him a chance but his set of teeth reminded her of her family’s late dog, Yaro, who was killed by a drunk hunter who mistook it for a deer. How would she stand him kissing her? Never.

Aisha turned down all of Gimba’s advances, ignored his kindness towards her and family, and chased the nonchalant Musa. After all, she read in a book that “the heart wants what it wants and it must chase it”.

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In the end, to settle an old debt, Aisha’s family offered her to Musa as recompense. Her world was complete but for Musa, his completely fell apart. And in the same vein, he registered his anger on Aisha’s face by ensuring that that too also fell apart.

So frequent were the beatings that neighbors often wonder why Aisha bothers to visit the stream when she could just fill their pots with her tears.

Amid the suffering, she remembered Gimba and for the first time, his set of teeth, though faint in her memory, looked perfect to her. But it was too late as Gimba already married Fatima, the daughter of the hunter who killed Yaro.

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This story is written by Adeshina Peter. Photo source: Google Chrome.

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