MISSED OPPORTUNITY 3. By: Adeshina Peter.


The people of Ogaranya land have always been ruled by members of a noble family called “Ebube”. All sons of Ebube were taught, from childhood, the essence of leadership and the importance of carrying the love of the people in their hearts. It is no wonder that the family never failed to produce good Kings who were hard on enemies, but gentle on the people.

All was well in the land until the people, tired of the endless trips to the stream to draw water, decided to dig a well. Ignorant of the skill to carry out the activity, they sent their sons to a foreign land where wells were rumored to exist to either learn how to dig one, or return with some of the foreigners who know how to – with promise of lavish pay, of course.

It is in this foreign land that these ambassadors, sent to learn how to dig a well, learned something that spread unwell in the small village. It was a system of government called “Ituonasi” that frowned at divine, royal ruling and insisted that the people, not some imaginary gods, should choose their leaders. Seeking the counsel of the foreigners, the ambassadors were told that their system, irrespective of the progress it brings, is barbaric and they need to upstage it.

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The young men returned to the village and in no time, their message gained a major foothold in the hearts of the people – especially enemies of Ebube who have nurtured a deep-seated jealousy. The King was dethroned and Okoronkwo, a man whose face is only bettered by his oratory, won the hearts and votes of the people. He was crowned King.

However, three months into his reign, the people soon realized that Okonkwo’s face and oratory were the only good things about him. His heart is ugly and his intentions bear no good. Ituonasi has put them in trouble and they have no idea how to undo the mistake. Every night, burdened by the tribulations of poor leadership, they cry to the gods for the return of Ebube.

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Written by: Adeshina Peter (2017).

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