MISSED OPPORTUNITY 2. By: Peter Adeshina.


Gboyega is a 32 year old sales representative. Marketing isn’t exactly something he loves to do but years of unemployment coupled with unforgiving debtors (especially his landlord who famously awarded him ‘debtor of the year’ at the end of the year house party), forced him to settle for a job that offered less sleep and little pay.


Daily, he has to travel several miles to and fro work. And as if being the leading debtor of his apartment isn’t enough, he is already being tipped to emerge the ‘late comer of the year’ at work.

To avoid a double blow of unfortunate awards, he opted for the BRT, even if that meant a little more cost. On this fateful Thursday, he had been on the queue for hours, waiting for the arrival of a bus.

Eventually, after a few more hours, a bus arrived. And as the people began to snake their way through the dividing rails into the bus, Gboyega realized – when it got to his turn – that his favorite spot by the window was taken by a fierce looking woman. Remembering the words of his pastor to “never settle for less even in grim circumstances”, Gboyega generously offered his seat to the passenger behind and decided to wait for another.

Several hours after, it dawned on him that another is neither near nor forthcoming. He tore his ticket, stormed off the queue and headed towards the local garage to board one of the yellow buses.

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As he dealt with the mouth and body odor of the lousy conductor, he cursed his luck and regretted the missed opportunity.

Written by: Peter Adeshina (2017).

Photo source: Google Chrome.

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