#Mentalhealth: DEPRESSION; IT’S Real. By: StacySpeaks.

Depression, it’s all around us. It’s a friend, family member, classmate, sibling, its not far from us. What if we were all happy with ourselves, enjoying some inner peace and rest of mind, not being at war with ourselves?
We don’t need to kill ourselves in a war we created for ourselves. We should shove off all forms of violence and conflict with our minds. Life is short and we all deserve some inner peace. Some days back, I got this anonymous mail and I’ve been trying to trace who this is but I have no idea. I had goosebumps all over whilst reading this and immediately felt the sender needs me to share it with the world.
“If you’re reading this, it means I have moved on. It means it’s too late for me and it’s time to make sure nothing gets too late for anyone in my shoes. You get this because you are great at what you do. You get this because I know someone out there could learn from my story. You don’t know me, but I know you. You get this because we need your help. We don’t have money to pay you, but we need your help. Growing up, I have always been that quiet yet jovial when i need to be kid on the block. I talk to all, smile with all, fight with all. I have always lived a simple life by making sure I derive happiness from what I do. Fast forward to date. I suddenly became filled with the insatiable urge for happiness. I began to struggle instead of living. I found out this world is not as it seems. I became filled with self hate, hatred for myself, for the fact that I tend to make others happy yet no one makes me happy not even myself. I became filled with self doubt, I became choked up, withdrawing myself from everyone and everything, my mind set was that by doing this I won’t hurt anyone except myself. Little did i know it would be my undoing. Things had really gone North, East, South and Central. I ended up giving up on everything. Nothing surprised me anymore… Then a day came, I read my bible (unusually I haven’t done that for close to a month) I didn’t understand what I read but it said, “I am your Lord thy God, is there anything too hard for me?” Then afterawhile, I read something on the internet that said,  “do yourself a favour, and forgive” after that I decided to try it out. I prayed, told the father my problems, told him I promise to forgive everyone including myself if he gives me peace of mind like never before and to share my story with everyone out there that can relate… and I got it. Immediately I felt a strange peace within me. Something I haven’t felt in a long while. Now to fulfil my promise, for all those that I have offended, I’m sorry; those that have offended me and to myself I forgive you. To you out there, that can relate to what I’ve gone through, you’re bigger than that trouble. They say a depressed person always looks tattered but I say no. I am one of the cleanest and well dressed person you might know yet I fell into depression close to having thoughts of suicide. No one is immune to it yet it isn’t bigger than you. Chin up, believe in God’s word. Act on that word, and before time you too would come out of it. I have done my part, I have passed the ball. You choose to play? Good. You choose to be on the bench? Still good. But deep down you know someone out there could get saved through you. THEY NEED YOUR HELP, THEY DON’T HAVE MONEY TO PAY YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES, BUT THEY NEED YOU. Don’t bother looking for me, I’m out of your hairs already. Remain Blessed. Anon.”
I hope you are alive and living because nothing is worth losing your life over. I hope someone reading this will be at peace with himself and others. Remember that we only live once so make the best use of this life while you can.
Written by: StacySpeaks
Quoted mail by: Anonymous.
Photos: Google Chrome Images.

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