MEET THE BLACK MC. An Interview.


This was a personal interview held with the Black MC on Monday November 27, 2017.

  • Can we meet you?

I am Ayodeji Ogunko, the Black MC. I am a 400 level Mass Communication Student at Bowen University, Iwo. I belong to a family of 2 kids and I am the last child.

  • What’s your brand name?

I am Black MC, a Master of Ceremony with a difference. I don’t just anchor events; I create the events by making them come to live.


  • How do you combine being a MC and a true worshipper?

It’s not so difficult for me because I love God a lot. I anchor both religious and secular events so I put in God and his word into whatever event I am hosting. He created us so he is always involved in it all.

  • Why did you decide to choose Black MC as your brand name?

Back in my 100 level days, a lot of people kept making jest of my skin colour saying, “You are so black ehn! You look like a shadow” and all sorts of derogatory statements. Others said I talk a lot and speak fluently and would make a great event host. I carefully sat back to think of how I can combine my black skin colour with my talkative nature which people have used to bring me down. Instead of feeling bad about all this statement I turned it around making them my strong point moreover my lecturer of blessed memory, late Uncle Moo also encouraged me to become a MC so I gave myself the name Black MC.

Today many colleagues in school don’t even know my name as Ayodeji. They all call me Black MC or Mr. Black.

  • When did you discover you have what it takes to be a MC and how many shows have you anchored since your brand started?

I officially started being a MC early in 2017 because I first took out time to learn the skill of being a MC. I did not just wake up one morning to say yes I am set for the stage. Although I did not necessarily take up any professional class but I was mentored by great people who are currently practicing the art. I cannot fail to mention I.K. Osakidowa, the anchor of the Voice Nigeria and Big Brother Nigeria; I have learnt a lot from him and I am still learning. I also take out time to watch a lot of videos of MCs in Nigeria and abroad on youtube.

Actually I have anchored a whole lot of shows from the moment I started my life chapter as a MC till now. Aside from being an event anchor, I am also a presenter for Play TV where I host shows as well so I can’t really place a figure on how many shows I have anchored so far.

  • Is the pay from this job interesting?

`laughs it’s quite a good pay but basically I am not practising this because of the money. I just sincerely love the job. Some people call me to host their events based on my relationship with them and it’s a bit difficult to ask them to pay me a particular amount of money but I certainly get privileges from them.

  • Why did you choose to be a MC despite various entrepreneurial activities you could pick from?

I am a very social and jovial person so I couldn’t  think of any other job that would suit my personality as well as the job of a MC. I actually took this skill after my dad who was a presenter for NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) in the 90’s so I found interest in his kind of work. Moreover I am a kind of person that can’t sit for an office job, in fact I’ll get sacked immediately laughs.

  • What response do you get from your parents and fans as regards you being a MC?

At the beginning, my parents were very sceptical about it and felt it would distract my academics due to the time it requires. They were scared at a point because some events made me return home late but they started getting comfortable when they saw that I was doing what makes me happy. My fans especially those at Bowen University, Iwo, are the best people I could ever ask for. They encourage me from every side and constructively criticize me without rubbing it in my face. I also caution myself in all my action so that pride does not begin to set it.

  • Has your job in anyway been a distraction to you academics and relationship (if any)?

Yes it has distracted my academics in several ways. Sometimes when I want to study I could get a call that there is a show coming up and they want me to anchor it; I find it very difficult to turn down such offers. However, I have someone in my life who has been helping me balance my academics and I respect her a lot. Her wish is my command, if she says we are storming an event then I’ll take up the job but if she declines it based on the fact that I have to study then there is no show for me laughs.

  • Going through your profile I saw something you called ‘Black MC Diaries’. Can you tell us about it?

Black MC Diaries is a television show I intend starting up real soon. It’s going to be done in a house/sofa setting where I would be discussing how my life goes on and unfolding events in my life. I would be inviting guests who would be joining me in the conversation to make it a very interactive one.

  • So what’s the next show you are working on?

I have no idea for now but I’ll be anchoring a show in Lagos and another outside Nigeria in December this year; God sparing our lives.

  • What exactly does it take to be a MC?

To be a MC you must be confident, get ready to be criticized. You must be able to control your temper even when people get you angry. You don’t necessarily have to be funny before you can be a MC. There is a difference between a MC and a comedian. Another important thing is that you must be well dressed at every point in your life because you don’t know when you’ll be called upon and you must not be looking unkempt.

  • Can you share your most embarrassing moment as a MC with us?

My most embarrassing moment so far was when I was told to anchor a friend’s grandmother’s birthday party and the owner of the event never told me it was going to be a Yoruba event so I went there speaking grammar for them laughs. His grandma kept on trying to make me speak Yoruba but I could not flow so well but I turned it all into a joke and couldn’t wait till the show was over laughs.

  • What have been your challenges so far?

I hardly get to rest. There was a time I had events for three straight days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday so there is really no time to rest and on Monday morning I had to be at lectures. Among all these activities I also have to be at choir rehearsals because I must do the work of my father.

  • Speaking about the choir, I saw something called the revolution, what is it about?

Revolution is something God used me to start in 2016 where people would come together for certain hours to worship God. Since I started this, we’ve been able to organise two sessions of it in Lagos and another two in Bowen University, Iwo. The third session of revolution would come up in 2018 in Bowen University Campus and it would officially be the last one before I hand it over to someone else. I intend to visit every Nigeria University in a year to take the revolution to them; especially the Federal Universities. This would be similar to “The Experience” that goes on in Lagos but this would be done by a very young person.

  • What opportunities have you gotten from being a MC?

Erhmm I have had a one on one chat this year with the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed. I have also met a lot of celebrities like Funke Akindele, King Sunny Ade on his 70th birthday party.

Black MC having an interview with the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed.
  • What words of advice do you have for aspiring MCs?

Never stop learning. Learn every day; don’t ever think you are the best because there is always someone better than you. Do not let your achievement make you proud. Always remain humble. Being a MC you are actually being ordered around because you have to do whatever the organisers of the event want you to deliver. In fact, you are more like a corporate houseboy. Another thing is do not try to be a comedian all in the name of being a MC.

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You welcome StacySpeaks. I am grateful for the opportunity.


Black MC, the host of the 2016 Mass Communication Dinner at Bowen University, Iwo.

Black MC with Nigerian Actress Kate Henshaw.
Black MC with Nigerian Comedian, Koffi.
Black MC with Kenny Blaq at an event.
Black MC with Nigerian Actress Funke Akindele and her husband JJC.
Black MC at Coke Studio.

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