MAYBE. By: KKawesome.

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Maybe your night wasn’t good
Maybe you’re having a bad day

Maybe you’re checking this message because there’s no better thing to do
Maybe you’re not happy
Maybe your plans fell through
Maybe you’re tired of the problems life keeps giving you

Maybe you’re breaking and no one is seeing it
Maybe your heart aches
Maye you want to run from everything
Maybe your job makes you sad

Maybe school makes you jaded
Maybe you want someone so bad, but you can’t seem to get anyone
Maybe you want to give up
Maybe there’s too much pressure on you to succeed
Maybe you are afraid of failure
Maybe you’ve failed so many times
Maybe your efforts aren’t getting you results

Maybe something is bothering you
Maybe you’re a victim of at least one of these.
Surely you’re not alone,
Everyone has their issues
Never allow your issues bring you down
Be strong for you; be strong for the world
Like the former phases have, this will pass too.
So, take a deep breath, get up, smile, and be happy.
Maybe the situation isn’t as bad, after all.
Maybe we all can be happy…
Remember, someone cares!

Written by: Thekkawesome (2018), he is a student of the University of Ilorin.

Photo source: Google Chrome.
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