Love Is Red, Anger Is Red Too. By: Asikpata David.


I’m trying to open up my heart.
Trying to see what’s left of it.
Trying to ask why did you go, but it just seems like you are really deaf.
It’s hard to let these words roll off my tongue, but how is it that you don’t even care.

All that we’ve built you smashed like driving a foot into a lego house.
I feel treated like a fool; I guess I am, because only fools fall in love.
Only fools put others above themselves.
Only fools treat others like trophies and arrange them in shiny shelves.

I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock but time is locked, I just want to scream ock!!! And put an F in front of it.
Sometimes I feel like I’m in Spain, shit! I should have spelt it without the S.
It’s like there’s a fission in my heart because I can feel it splitting into parts.

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My eyes are cloudy, it’s about to rain dogs and cats.
Two formed a duad, now One is left with no one else to add.
I feel so much anger that I could toss all my values in the air and choke you while I watch your consciousness drain from your eye.

You took me to the heights and showed me a perfect vista but now you’ve taken it all away, abracadabra and then puff! Now I’m totally insane.
I’m incensed by your deeds, love struck my heart but now it has shattered it into bits.

Anywhere you are I curse you.
You go mad, you go craze, your leg go bend, your house go burn, ATM go swallow your Card, apollo go do your eye, your hairline go recede…



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