Are you really happy?
I see your teeth wide open in public places. I see you replying ‘lmaooo’.
I see you post captions like ‘be happy that’s the freaking mood’.
But how do you explain the sniffling I heard the other day?
How do you explain the redness of your eyes behind those shades?
How do you explain your dripping wet pillow?

Are you really living?
I see you’re breathing in and out consistently,
I see you’re an embodiment of ‘MR NIGER D’.
I see you’re the life of the party’.
But how do you explain your hunger despite the foods you post on the gram?
How do you explain having fun only when the camera is on?

How do you explain your living lifelessly when there’s no one there?

Is it really worth it
To be happily sad and living dead. To waste our short lives dying.
To hide our pains under the numerous ‘I’m okays’.
How about we learn to be happy rather than just say it?
How about we stop pretending to live while we die inside?
How about, for once, we laugh rather than cry, and
Live before we die?

This article is written by Feezah 2017. Photo source: Google Chrome.

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