#Lifestyle: LINES, PATTERNS AND COINCIDENCE. By Mofe Abimbolu.


For about a whole straight week, I observed a pattern of activities which coincidentally took place every morning.
Normal: I wake up, go to ease myself, see my room mate using his phone, lying down in the same position and he greets me in the same words.
The pattern: Now on my way out, I see this guy and his girlfriend, they are always just about to enter a cab.

This kept happening untill I distrupted the flow by going to meet the couple and told them how I always see them every morning and how I always know I would meet them and how it would be awkward if I didn’t. It was funny but it was the truth. Of course I hardly saw them again after I told them.

The essence of this story, is that it always made me smile & feel superior to an extent, being able to know ahead, how my morning would go.
It may not seem special to many reading this, but we live by patterns & lines of events/activities whether we notice them or not. Some of these events we probably create for ourselves from the decisions we make or decisions we’ve already made from the previous day. For some others, I guess they are just meant to be. Not that I created that pattern from any decision I made or did I? If you look at it, I always made the decision to step out of my room at that particular time.

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What is your pattern? What are the “coincidences” you ignore? The lines of activities you are already used to? We can observe these activities closely and we just might be suprised at how it could help in planning our day and how it gives a feel of superiority about yourself and a feel of control.
I told you my pattern, whats yours?😊

Written by: Mofe Abimbolu

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