Life pushes us all around. Some give up, others fight, few learn the lesson and move on. Change your point of view now. Some parents tell their children, “I want you to study hard, get good grades, so you can secure a good job with a big company and live a better life”. Despite all the education they give us, a lot of people still wallow in poverty or earn low income.  We need to understand that the knowledge acquired in school can only make you to work for money: it doesn’t teach you how to make money work for you.

Learning how to make money work for you is a complete different course of study. I guess someone would ask what I mean? Rule 1, every man must know the difference between asset and liability. Rich people acquire assets: the poor and middle class acquire liabilities without knowing the need for acquiring assets.

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If you want to get rich and leave a comfortable life you must have a creativity mindset. When you let this idea sink in and understand the simplicity of life then your life will have a plan and be financially easy.. THE RICH MAKE MONEY TO WORK FOR THEM.

This piece is written by Oluwalana Segun

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  1. Inspiring article, good one there friend Keep it up. We really need to b educated more on issues like dis. More grace

  2. True piece of reality…. Make money work for you.. I needed these at this moment in my life…Thanks so much to the writer…bless..

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