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This post will be highlighting significant points I learnt at the ‘Would You Employ You’ seminar organised by NUASA Bowen Chapter in collaboration with EduBridge Academy at the Chris Alabi Lecture Theatre (CALT), Bowen University on Tuesday March 20, 2018. The guest speakers were Oluropo Olugbemi (Immediate past NUASA President), Babatunde Oladosu (CEO & Co-Founder EduBridge Academy), Oluseun Akinrinoye (Senior Consultant – Tax PwC

Olusegu Akinrinoye.

*Understand the school system; get acquainted to your lecturer’s style and find out what text books he uses to form his course note.
*Never compare yourself with anyone, everyone is different and no two people have exactly the same abilities. So discover what works for you and put it to use.
*Discover how best you assimilate i.e your reading nature. Do not go to the library because your friends read in the library. Ensure you are able to maximize your study time.
*Reduce your personal time wasters. Time wasters are not necessarily human beings; they could be your mobile devices, laptop, movies, games, sleep, television and more.
*Speak to people ahead of you. Ask them question, famz them, get all the knowledge you need from them because it would be useful some day. 

Students at the event.

*Graduate with good grades. Before an employer will shortlist you for an interview, your grade will speak for you.
*Learn/improve your skills in Microsoft office packages i.e MS-Excel, MS-Word and MS-Powerpoint. You cannot hide from technology in the 21st century.
*Acquire other skills such as: interpersonal communication, human relationship, team work, reading, writing and listening skills.
*Attend as many networking events and workshops as possible.
*Secure work experience or summer internship while you are still a student. It gives you more exposure to the office environment and teaches what won’t be taught in your classrooms.
*Get involved in student societies and other volunteer activities. Such activities give you leadership skills, organizational skills and team spirit.
*Learn about digital marketing. Get familiar with social media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). Use them to your advantage; you can get jobs by networking with the right people.


*Start and finish professional courses.
*Surround yourself with motivation to fuel your drive and passion.
*Be aware of things happening around you especially in the news.
*Develop yourself on a regular basis. Don’t get too comfortable with your achievements; update yourself.
*Avoid typos in your CV. Your CV represents you and speaks for you before you are given the opportunity to speak for yourself. When employers read typos in your CV they already consider you as an error.
*Prepare for aptitude tests and practice interview questions.

Babatunde Oladosu.

*Your network is your net worth.
*Networking gives you an edge in future.
*Networking creates opportunity for professionals and business owners.
*Networking creates an avenue for seeking mentorship assistance and getting to know about opportunities.

*Know the process.
*Start practicing for Aptitude test.
*Network! Network! Network!
*Prepare for the interview.
*Get mentors for guidance.

Oluropo Olugbemi.

*Research about the company.
*Research about the role you applied for.
*Google interview questions and rehearse them in front of a mirror. It helps you build confidence in yourself.
*Know a lot about your degree research project and be able to justify it.
*Appearance is important.
*Speak to people who already work in the company.
*Ask your interviewer intelligent questions when you are given the opportunity during the interview. E.g. What are the career prospect available in your company? What are the company’s long term goals?
*Get God involved in every step you take.

Departmental Executives and Guests.

*What extracurricular activity do I engage in?
*Am I teachable?
*Can I solve a problem? What problem am I capable of offering solution?
*Do I know and understand my career?
*Have I discovered myself?
*Am I focused and inquisitive?
*Do I have soft skills like self-confidence, discipline, team spirit, ability to meet deadlines?

-An international passport (in some cases).

Written by: StacySpeaks.

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Photos by: DJ Daric.


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