Lend A Voice Of Hope, This (COVID-19) Too Will Pass. By: Akinlaja Oluwatimileyin.


“When there is life, there is hope.”  – Marcus Tullius Cicero. 

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new strain of a group of viruses called coronavirus. It is a disease that has engendered the death of as many as over 200,000 people all over the world. And as a result of some measures, such as, lockdown and compulsory social distancing, put in place to curtail the spread of the life-threatening, highly contagious disease,  many families have had to experience hardship. No doubt, the coronavirus disease has brought many negative impacts on persons, the rich and the poor alike. Its baleful touch of negative impacts has been felt by key sectors of the economy, too. People across all age groups have had to sacrifice a thing or another just to safeguard their health during this period. Students are also compelled to stay at home. Many of them are daily lost in deep thought and anxious to know when schools will reopen; this is especially true for SSS3 students like me, who are preparing for their WASSCE and NECO examination. 

However, despite all these negative consequences the virus has caused humanity to experience, I believe that this coronavirus pandemic too will come to an end. But we need to stay positive, and never stop being optimistic. Over the years, we have seen some frightening outbreak of diseases like Ebola, Lassa fever, polio, etc. And these diseases, by the mercies and grace of God, stopped troubling humanity after ravaging nations. Hence, we should not lose hope, we should not grieve, but replace all the negative thoughts with positive ones. The world shall be healed of the disease. I am confident of this. And then, we shall all move from the season of diseases to a honey-filled season. 

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Lastly, we should endeavour to learn lessons from the happenings during this period. This period has opened the eyes of many to the importance of regular washing of hands and healthy feeding. This lockdown season is equally a time for us, young and old, to embrace opportunities and learn new things. Therefore, I will implore us to move on, focus on the positive, and reawaken the giant within us during this period of unsolicited free time. I must mention that patience is of the essence during this period. This coronavirus too will pass. I know. Never lose hope. 

Written by: Akinlaja Christianah Oluwatimileyin, senior category winner of ‘The Everyday Chapters’ Secondary School Students Literary Contest. Oluwatimileyin is 17 years old and in SS 3. 

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The Everyday Chapter is a literary organisation that passionately promotes and encourages the good reading culture amongst the young generation and also creates platforms of expression for creatives.

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