LECTURER AND STUDENT RELATIONSHIP – A Paradigm Shift From The Reality. By: Ezra NnasomUkanwa.

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The University is an institution of Higher education. In a University setting, there is great diversity regarding socio-cultural, political, religious and racial backgrounds among students and lecturers. This multifarious setting, with the presence of an appropriate and felicitous lecturer-student relationship, spawns a campus environment that prepares students and lecturers to live and work amicably and pleasingly in the society. It also equips them to respond to an increasing and accumulating complex global environment. Besides, interpersonal relations in diversity makes it possible for the generational advancement and propagation of knowledge, which is one of the critical mission in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Usually, a healthy relationship between the lecturers and students does influence students’ academic, personal and social integration into higher education. This could be attributed to the fact that lecturers contact with students in and out of the classroom is significant and exigent in student motivation and involvement in all facets of life. Considering the significance bestowed upon lecturer-student relationship, it cannot be overemphasised that the annihilating flames of immoral acts have crept into our university system which will cause a wreck, if not controlled. It is commonly known that when a lecturer gets closer to a student, the student tends to understand and familiarise him/herself with the lecturer and his course. But in time, there has been a radical negation from the reality; many lecturers have wrongly navigated to carelessly going too close to the female students thereby displacing the crux priority of students and lecturer relationship.

The Nigerian society and the world at large have had records of vicious perpetuations, perpetuated by some lecturers who have intentionally shifted from the initial plan of orchestrating a downright relationship that will in time inject positivity into the lives of the students. Ideally, it is supposed to be either mentor or fatherly relation between tutors and their students, especially in tertiary institutions, but the trend isn’t like that anymore in Nigeria. One can hardly discern whether it is as a result of our barbarism, cruelty, rapaciousness among others because the situation has gone beyond madness and the purpose of lecturer-student relationship has been over time misplaced, and our educational buoyancy seems fleeting away with a never-ceasing wind.

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The emergence of missionary Universities in Nigeria at some point gave us a relieve touch that all of those immoral and lascivious practices found in our National Universities would be bridled and a lasting control instigated However, the reverse is the case as many lecturers in those so-called missionary Universities have found it snug to achieve making a mess of the innocent growing students who are yet to be reformed to challenge Nigeria’s mediocrity. Psychologists have further analysed; when lecturers form positive bonds with students, classrooms become a supportive space in which students can engage in academically and socially productive ways.

Positive lecturer-student relationships are classified as having the presence of closeness, warmth and positivity. It becomes madness, a Federal crime and a shift from the reality when a lecturer does not understand his bond confinement and thriving to know what does not connect his purpose with a student. So many lives have been fused off, because of a careless relationship between a lecturer and a student.

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It is a point of duty for all management of institutions to check and balance the activities of their staffs before immoral acts become irreparable in our educational system. The Government is also duty bound, thereby, having a vital role to play in cropping out those shameless staff that do not have anything to imbibe on a child other than making a mess of that child.

The Government should strive to implement stringent laws around the walls of all Universities that will aid positive relationship between lectures and students. Lastly, the Government should also remember that the university is a place where lives are sculpted and it is needful for them to support in breeding a class of graduates that will forever be chronicled in the archive of history.

Written by: Ezra NnasomUkanwa.

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