In advertising knowing the audience is the first step to achieving a successful advert campaign and this applies to taking exams.

It is very important as a student to know who your lecturer is, what he wants, how he wants his questions to be approached.
We read for exams with the hope of making a good grade. In previous times, I am sure many of you have been in situations where you get out of the exam hall with a conviction that you have killed a paper and all you expect is an A or at worse a B but then the result comes out only for you to find a D, C staring at you. At other times you leave an exam venue frustrated, in fact you didn’t finish answering all the questions so you already grade yourself with a D or F. All the thoughts in your head tells you that you will fail the course no two ways about it because you didn’t write enough. When the result is released, it would amaze you to know that you scored the highest mark or grade then you begin to ask questions. “How did that happen?”.
The scenario here is what I call knowing your audience. Your audience in this context is non other than the person who would mark your script, “the lecturer”.
There are lecturers who would prefer you to go straight to the point and give examples for each point you state. Some would prefer you to write long stories and notes, others would prefer you to give him exactly the notes he gave you during the cause of the lecture. The point remains that you should know the kind of lecturer who is marking your script so as to earn a good grade.

Proving stubborn won’t be o any help to you, what will earn you a good grade is knowing the kind of lecturer who is marking your script and giving he/she what he wants.
Happy exams and good luck in all your life exams.

Written by: Ibukun Adesanya (2018).

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