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NOTE: This story is written to celebrate the works of famous writer, Danielle Steels.

She is a great writer and has written about 161 books. The titles of her books were used to create this story. All words written in capitals are titles of novel she has written. Enjoy!

Being in love with my dear JOHNNY ANGEL has been a JOURNEY filled with FAIRYTALE, DANGEROUS GAMES, MALICE, PURE JOY, MIXED BLESSINGS, SECRETS, BITTER SWEET experiences, BETRAYAL and FINE THINGS. I had always tried not to play the DATING GAME but I couldn’t help myself this time as there was NO GREATER LOVE elsewhere.

We had already spent FIVE DAYS IN PARIS and I was living A PERFECT LIFE with A PERFECT STRANGE who I had met only 6 months ago at THE AWARDS. I was convinced we had not met by ACCIDENT but could this be ANSWERED PRAYERS?
Johnny was a LOVING ROGUE, HIS BRIGHT LIGHT made my HEARTBEAT even faster whenever we were together.

Since it was SUMMER’S END and I was off work he decided to bring me to Paris just to satisfy my WANDERLUST; as a little girl I had always longed to visit France and my dream had come true with the love of my life by my side. The COUNTRY is indeed beautiful. We had spent the last 5 nights at HOTEL VENDOME and there was a need to get an apartment since we were spending about 2 weeks on this vacation.

So far everything felt like we would be FRIENDS FOREVER. He put a call through to his DADDY as he told him that he was in town with his girlfriend and would love to home for a family dinner.

Johnny ended the call and was silent for a moment before he moved closer to me and said, “ZOYA, we would be going to my father’s house tomorrow for a family dinner but before then there is something I need to tell you and I’ve been waiting for the RIGHT TIME”. At this point I got really worried and in the spilt of a second my mind was racing with different thoughts, “was this POWER PLAY about to be over? Was he about to put an end to this MAGIC; was he about to break PASSION’S PROMISE? My thoughts kept flowing like RUSHING WATERS as he began his speech which sounded well rehearsed.

“I don’t expect what I am about to tell you to sound like a PAST PERFECT, you are A GOOD WOMAN and you need to be treated as one. It might be difficult to keep a woman happy but you’ve made me realise that it is not IMPOSSIBLE.

Since I met you 6 months ago, you’ve given me A GIFT OF HOPE that is why I am taking a LEAP OF FAITH to open up to you. My dad is the Duke of France and I am like the biblical PRODICAL SON; I wasn’t enjoying royalty, I was a LONE EAGLE, I needed to explore what life had to offer after my then girlfriend left me for some TOXIC BACHELORS she met at a party I took her to.

I moved into the United States of America where I have been UNDERCOVER for the past 15 years as no one knows my real identity. I got myself detached from all FAMILY TIES as I settled down in THE THRUSTON HOUSE on 44 CHARLES STREET Texas. I was living my life ONE DAY AT A TIME but as each year passed I began to hear ECHOS of my father’s voice; when I slept I had terrible dreams about my SISTERS.

Living in THE COTTAGE became hell; it was no longer a SAFE HABOUR as I began to see THE GHOST of my mother, THE DUCHESS of France. Zoya, I’m sure this might sound a little bit dumb but I need to open up this ugly chapter of my life in order to start a family with you.
At this point my thoughts on Johnny breaking up with me had VANISHED and I was happy that he was COMING OUT to tell me this hidden part of him. I listened very attentively as he continued narrating his experience.

One fateful day, yea it was my Grandpa, GRANNY DAN’s 12th REMEMBERANCE, I made up my mind that I was GOING HOME and in SILENT HONOR of grandpa I remembered the LEGACY he had left behind; the family linage has to continue when daddy dies. It was like a MIRACLE, a touch from heaven, I began to pack my bags out of THE HOUSE as I thought about THE LONG ROAD HOME. I was ready to beg daddy for forgiveness and ask for a SECOND CHANCE.
As I approached home, the SUNSET IN ST TROPEZ, it was the longest journey I had embarked on in a while; the taxi dropped me in front of THE HOUSE ON HOPE STREET.

I walked through the gate with the thought of how to beg my family for forgiveness and suddenly the door opened as an old lady walked out, she was THE MISTRESS and had served my family for about 19 years now. She immediately recognised me at FIRST SIGHT and ran to welcome me as she said, “Johnny, I knew one day you’ll come back home, but why did you run away and hold the whole family to RANSOM. When you left we all found it difficult to embrace the CHANGES in the house. Now that you are back I’ll take you to BUNGALOW 2 where you’ll relax and prepare to meet your dad and his FULL CIRCLE of friends who are here on a business meeting.

The mistress left me to inform my father that I had come home and AGAINST ALL ODDS he should find a way to forgive me. As I stepped out of the bungalow I looked towards THE RANCH and everything had changed, I remember when THE KLONE AND I use to ride the PAGASUS and PALOMINO around the house; those horses where adorable. I also remembered ONCE IN A LIFETIME when mum took my sisters and I to the theatre to watch KALEIDOSCOPE, SOUTHERN LIGHTS and PRETTY MINNIE IN PARIS, those where the good old days before everything went sour.

I soon came back to reality as the LIGHTING of the STARs made the night seem like evening. I walked through the left door of the main building as all other WINGS were now shut since no one passes through them. I found the FAMILY ABLUM by the mirror; I opened it as memories began to flash through my head. I looked up as I saw a MIRROR IMAGE of myself; I was now a grown man, different from the boy in the album. Those were SEASONS OF PASSION and LOVE POEMS, I had no worries and I lived life fully UNTIL THE END OF TIME when we all started to develop MATTERS OF THE HEART.

As I looked around the house I heard my dad’s voice as he came down the stairs saying, “Oh! AMAZING GRACE how sweet the song, my son has returned home. I always felt that the heavens were only trying to punish us for THE SINS OF THE MOTHER of my children. Family members are the PRECIOUS GIFTS and JEWELS God gives us in a life filled with so much mystery; you can’t hide from your true blood forever, in life it is good to HONOR THYSELF because pride kills love”. At this point I had knelt down by his feet asking for his forgiveness, “I’m sorry dad, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone but I had to leave France in order to get a life of my own, but I shouldn’t have run off that way. NOW AND FOREVER I make THE PROMISE never to turn my back on family; I know how difficult it is for you TO LOVE AGAIN. All I ask for is your forgiveness and blessings”. Dad told me to rise up as he embraced me and gave me a kiss, without further saying I knew what THE KISS meant. I was forgiven and back to my family; I guess we are all WINNERS after all.

It was now clear to me that the heavens operate differently from the universe and there are IRRESISTABLE FORCES that makes sure fate happens the way it does. Dad broke the silence, “son, a lot of things happened while you were away, your younger sister got married in H.R.H church that year and there was an accident while your mother returned home after THE WEDDING. Yes she died in the hospital after telling me to give her son this ring when he returns home”. Dad handed THE RING over to me saying, your mother would love you to give it to the one you wish to marry and her love will never depart from the family.

Johnny’s story came to a halt when we heard a knock on our hotel room door. He opened the door as room service said he had brought a SPECIAL DELIEVERY of a box of Pizza and a BLUE envelope which was titled, ‘MESSAGE FROM NAM’. Nam was the name people called my dad before he became the Duke of France”, He explained. Johnny opened the envelope as we sat on the bed quietly hoping this was not going to be bad news. The letter read, “This Message contains directions to the location of an apartment in Paris, THE APARTMENT was a PROPERTY OF A NOBLEWOMAN whom I had grown up with but died of a heart attack. I am grateful to God for making me alive to see my son CROSSING(s) from the US to France to reunite with the family but I think you deserve a share of Frances’ wealth. You should inherit this little apartment as a gift for all your birthdays I’ve missed. I think you should be 31 years old tomorrow if I am correct and no one is too rich to get an inheritance from a loved one. Family is everything, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!

Johnny was not only overwhelmed by THE GIFT but also by the fact that his dad had remembered that tomorrow is his birthday and deemed it right to show him some love. Indeed family is everything.

Written by: StacySpeaks (2018).

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