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I began to pray silently to God that he wouldn’t pull the trigger; I definitely wasn’t ready to neither die nor live in this world without the company of Bayo. I thought about how to notify the clinic security without causing a scene or getting on Eze’s nerves but I had no idea on what to do. Eze lowered the gun, sat beside Bayo and said, “Bayo my friend, I’m not here to kill you; don’t you know that nature respects hierarchy? A dog does not compete with a lion or else…” He immediately turned to me with a stern look and continued, “I won’t force you but you’ll come begging me. Don’t be worried, by then I will try to listen to your plea. He opened the door and walked out like a satisfied peacock.

The room was filled with silence. I didn’t know what to do as I was still scared that Eze could change his mind and walk back into the room to shoot either of us. I had no choice than to say something to Bayo; I had dragged him into my mess and must find a way to ensure he isn’t hurt. “I am so sorry Bayo, this is what I’ve been trying to avoid all along. These guys have succeeded in turning my friends against me, now they have come to do the same with you”, I said all this without thinking
Bayo told me to calm down but I did understand how he expected me to be calm after being the main character in this horror movie.

I began to scream at Bayo as I was shedding tears all over again, “are you really saying I should calm down? How do you expect me to be calm? Are you aware that our class guys are threatening my life and existence, my roommates want me to pack out from the hostel and now I have a cult guy who is obsessed about me and would likely kill you or I if I do not agree to become his. I’m sorry, but staying around you will only get you hurt”. He held my hand and whispered to me like there were other people in the room, “leaving me will hurt me more. Ugo, I need you to understand the fact that I’m here for you. I love you”. “Bayo I’m sorry”, I walked out of the room without saying anything more.

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I blamed myself for walking out on Bayo as I wandered around; going back to my room wasn’t even an option, I wasn’t ready for another hostel drama. I found a quiet place on the field, I sat beneath a tree, I just needed tranquility, and nature was the only place I could find solitude. The view was just perfect. I watched how these lovers chased themselves around the field laughing and screaming like kids without worries. I thought of Bayo, his words echoed in my head all over again, “I love you”.



I smiled because I was certain that his words were true and sincere; he was different from the boys in my community who only saw girls as nothing but sex objects. When they tell a girl “I love you”, they simply meant, “I want you to spread your legs”. I was suddenly thinking of the stunt Eze had pulled earlier in the day and I secretly wished I was a boy. I closed my eyes and began to imagine how different and easy life would have.

Trust me, I would probably be dating the most beautiful girl in the school; all the people who hate me now would adore me and want to be my friend. They would beg and pay me to get their projects done; life would have been so perfect. “If only I were a boy”, I said aloud.
Strangely I felt a metal poke my neck, immediately I opened her eyes to reality. The lovers were gone, I was now the only person on the field with a thick voice behind me saying, “do not dare look back or else I will pull the trigger”. He poked me again with the gun and I felt so cold all over my body. The time has come; I wouldn’t escape it this time. I hadn’t even called my mum to share a last moment with her but I knew I was going to die at any moment.
He spoke to me angrily, “Ugochi, this is the last warning you’ll get from me; I do not give empty threats. If you do not be my girlfriend then you should withdraw from this school soon else you will pay the prize”. I closed my eyes and prayed silently that heaven will welcome me with opened arms. Soon, I couldn’t feel his presence any longer. I turned to around and Eze was gone. I was weak and already getting sick, I laid on the grass and cried. I reminded myself that I had just one more year to go on this campus. “One more year before graduation, it will be over soon”. I quietly said to myself with the tears rolling down my cheeks.


Written by: Ordeezy 2018.

Photo Source: Google Chrome Images.

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