IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. Episode 3.


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I could barely sleep since the incident; each time I closed my eyes, all I could see were scary images holding a cutlass and chasing me around a big field as the voices kept echoing, “Leave or die, the boys aren’t happy”.

Tracey had joined Mirabel in Sociology Department in 200 level and Tope’s presence in the Engineering Department wasn’t a threat; she never read nor bribed lecturers with what she could offer but I was a threat to everyone because they felt that it would be shameful to watch a lady graduate as the best student in Engineering.


“Ugo baby you still dey do shakara abi?” Eze said to me with his hard voice. He was the leader of the Black Tiger cult and was feared by both students and lecturers.

All I could do was smile and make him feel that I am not threatened by the silly games he had been playing in my head. I was certain that he was responsible for the disturbing messages and nightmares since I had refused to leave the Department or be his girlfriend.

“Hi! How are you?” Bayo’s smile was charming. “Do I look fine?  You must be happy right now with all that is happening to me. I honestly think you should leave me alone since you all want me to put my dreams behind me because I am a girl”, I replied angrily as tears flowed down my cheeks uncontrollably. Bayo hugged me as he whispered, “I heard about everything that happened, I’m sorry but is it worth giving up your dreams for? Remember that there is no gain without pain. If your dream is worth it then chase it. Fight for it, raise your head and stand firm, root your feet in confidence and walk with determination till you see the light at the end of the tunnel”.


I raised my head to meet his eyes and stared at him in awe. All I had the strength to do was smile and rest my head on his chest. He smelled nice and gave me a feeling of hope. “Maybe Bayo wasn’t like the rest, maybe he was different, maybe…” I said to myself. Soon a loud sound interrupted the solitude I was beginning to enjoy; Bayo had let go of me and landed on the floor with his back. He closed his eyes and tried to block kicks and punches from the Black Tiger boys.

I stood there helplessly trying to save Bayo as I kept on screaming, “Leave him alone!” thinking someone would hear me and come to our rescue. Help wasn’t coming from anywhere; everyone was scared of this group of boys and had to mind their business. All of a sudden I felt a tight grip round my neck and a familiar voice saying, “so this is the thing you chose over me? I’ll make him wish he died in his mother’s womb”.  Eze threw me to the ground as he led his boys back to their hideout. I sat on the floor crying and calling for help to take Bayo to the hospital to treat his wounds.

I returned to my room and found a letter on my bed which read, “YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED”, it was boldly written with a red coloured pen.

This time I wasn’t even moved as I had experience the most horrifying days of my life already, what more could surprise me? From a distance I could hear a preacher shouting, “Repent or go to hell!” I squeezed the paper in my hand and flung it out of the window while I said to myself, “hell is here” and tears ran down my cheeks. I laid on the floor crying and thinking of Bayo, I had caused him so much pain; I wished he hadn’t become my friend because he doesn’t deserve all that was happening to him. I knew at this point he couldn’t hear me but I sincerely needed to beg him for forgiveness.

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My phone rang and my thoughts were interrupted; I reluctantly picked up the phone, it was my mother. “Hello mama!”

“How are you my daughter?”

“I’m fine mama”

“But you don’t sound fine; talk to me, is there something I should know?”

“Nothing mama, I am just tired and I’ve had a long day at school”.

“It is well my daughter; I just had this strange feeling and needed to check on you that is why I called. How is school?”

“Fine mama”

“Work hard my dear. God will protect you”

“Amen, bye mama”.

“Greet Mirabel for me”

I dropped my phone beside me and buried my face in my palms as I started sobbing again.

“Hell is here! Hell is here!” I said to myself.

To be continued next Friday.

Written by: Ordeezy (2108)

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