Quick to condemn,

Yet none could redeem,

They judge cause I’m different,

Laugh, saying I’m ignorant, because I decided to unfollow


They think glowing outside alone is the new cool,

They call us rebels and fools, cause we are not ‘trendy’

But I’ve decided to obey the clarion call.

‘Hold the forth; For I am coming’,

A message from Him to all,

I have made my decision.


If being a rebel is reading His Book,

I f being a rebel is standing with Abba,

If being a rebel is not staying ‘woke’ Just to end up being spiritually broke,

If being a rebel is obeying an eternal Father,

Then allow me to reintroduce myself;

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Hi, my name is ‘rebel’

Nice to meet you.

You can download Nuel’s latest anthology ‘Spiral of our thoughts’ from the link below.

Odunfa Emmanuel Oluwagbotemi (Nuel), is a graduate of Mass communication from Bowen University Iwo, Osun state. Nuel has always had a lifelong interest in conveying his thoughts through the tranquility poetry provides. He has written series of poems and articles which have been published on some websites and also across the social media platform. This is his second anthology, the first was ‘Beginning of an End’.

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