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The large and active city of Ibadan, is a very peaceful place to reside. However, there are the good and bad days; sometimes traffic gets really slow at the rush hour usually towards the close of the day’s work. I would be sharing some personal experiences on the Ibadan road.

At some point, many of us have come across people on the road begging for alms. Most times, I actually feel sorry for them as they struggle and try to put food on their table. At other times, I get irritated and wonder why people in perfect physical condition cannot get off the streets to do some decent jobs. Then I conclude that a lot of people are just lazy.

The photo above shows a Nigerian youth who uses the traffic congestion to his advantage as he tries to make ends meet by cleaning the windshield of vehicles. Sometimes, these people work so hard trying to earn a living but they end up not making enough income to get themselves a nutricious meal. The case is usually that the average Nigerian motorist just ignores them after they have offered their little but significant service. This could be very frustrating and discouraging which leads many of them to become a nuisance in the society.

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Here is another situation.

This photo shows a thug at Oja-Oba area in Ibadan. These guys are aggressive and annoying; they don’t even mind delaying both the driver and passengers in a vehicle. All they are interested in is the rumpled naira notes the drivers slip into their unrefined palms. When they stop vehicles to demand for money, they act like it is their right and should not be denied their entitlement. They are the landlords of the road who have complete body parts and are extremely agile. Instead, of working for a decent living they extort workers who are really hustling to make life good for them. This isn’t a good one on their part and the money they gather from their victims is usually spent on drinks and cigarette. After the whole process they sit at their hide outs complaining that the government is doing nothing to alleviate the problems of the masses.

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The government might not be doing so well but we can’t also encourage situations like this.

Let us remember that whatever change we want starts from us as an individual. No one is excluded from this war!

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