HUMANITY. By: Timileyin Awolola.


You are a queen.
You are strong and truly loved by God, the Potter has moulded perfectly; he has made you perfect in all areas. All that you need the lord has provided; let no man despise you.

You are blessed,
It might all look like you are the out of place, you might feel like you are not up to standard or you don’t have all it takes; always remember that you are loved by God. He has made some things happen to you at certain times because he wants those events to train your minds, body and attitude. He is not wicked but he prepares you for the storm so that it doesn’t wipe your feet off the ground; he loves you.

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You are beautiful and wonderfully made.
People might call you weak but you know that within you are strong and bold without limitations except you limit yourself. Love who you are and make the best out of everything God has brought your way; never copy others nor work in accordance with their time, don’t be carried away by material things, don’t defile the temple of God, love God and his word, don’t let anything nor anyone limit you, take the step because you have the power to do it, when you fall, rise up and keep walking. Human beings should be celebrated every day.

Written by: Timileyin Awolola.

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