Medium: Pencil with charcoal on smooth alabaster paper.
Size: 14 by 12inch.

I’ve been away for a while researching and exploring the act of portrait drawing and photography. I discovered how much I missed drawing a portrait…so I decided to put my fingers into good use. I spoke to a friend who wanted me to draw a portrait of his long time love Iria Ogbide whom he had just proposed to. As the God of love 😎😎😎Fiwajomicupid, I had my role to play in making sure his lady doesn’t have a second thought towards his proposition 😉😉

This brought about a three days intensive sketching and detailed shading of her portrait. While I was trying to met the deadline I was also trying to achieve perfection and in the end you can see the feed back from my friend in the picture collage. He loved it but she loved it even more 😀

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Though I didn’t spend my Valentines day with anyone, I am glad I took  part in making a friend’s Valentines day a lovely one. You know it’s a season of love and sharing.

Artist: Fiwajomi Tomiwa (CEO Fiwajomi Photoart)

Follow the artist on Instagram @fiwajomiphotoart and @fiwajomicupid.

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