HISTORY. By: Amy Diko.


Together we wrote a story
Even greater than the twilight love affair
Where you were my romeo and I your juliet
And now we’ve reached the final chapter.

Thought a day will come, where we’ll never say goodbye but goodnight
Then we realised,
Could we truly handle the truth if we read each others minds?
Or was everything just pretence?

Because the closer we were
The farther we became,
The faker the smiles
And behind the smiles was fear,
Of hidden tears to be seen,
The more the excuses became,
The longer the explanations were
And the bigger the lies.

Leaving silence to become our loudest cry,
For no one was ready to talk,
But what the mouth kept,
The eyes couldnt hide,
And our actions summed it up,

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The flame of our love,
Burnt gradually,
Like an object stuck in quicksand,
The chemistry we once had is no more,
Our story has finally become HISTORY.

                                        Written by: Amy_dikko❤

Photo Source: Google Chrome.

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