The first ever Ilorin Digital Summit took place on the 15th of September 2018 with over 600 people in attendance and was put together by Yemisi Ajeojo a social entrepreneur and Corps member who is passionate about youth empowerment, community development and growing small businesses.

Yemisi Ajeojo, the convener of the summit.

When asked her motivation for putting the project together, she said, “In my 7 months in Kwara State as a Corps member, I have come to realise that Kwara State has over 10 higher institutions which accounts for approximately 60,000 new students intake yearly. In addition, at least 7000 young people are posted to serve in the state yearly. This is a target audience that is capable of greatly influencing the employment sector and influencing the economic trajectory of the state.

However, there are not a lot of opportunities in place for this young people to productively engage themselves. Also, this target audience with the ability to significantly affect the economy are unaware of how to leverage digital platforms to create employment for themselves, tap into already existing employment and even promote their current business to a wider audience. 

The event had key people in both the digital media and tech sector coming from different parts of the country to share their knowledge and experience on how young people and small business owners can leverage on digital platforms to sustain their livelihoods and even create more streams of income for themselves. Formidable organizations leveraged on the event to provide discounted and even free training to acquire skills relevant to the digital workplace as well as to provide job opportunities.  Companies such as Payant, Dot, Cowrywise, Efiko, Google and Facebook were represented.The summit started with a keynote speech by Dr Muritala Awodun who is the current executive chairman of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) and Dean of Kwara State University School of Business and Governance. Dr. Awodun shared about how digital platforms provides opportunities to solve both under-employment and unemployment.  In addition to his keynote speech, he also gave every attendee one of his books on entrepreneurship for free.

One of the esteemed speakers at the Ilorin Digital Summit.

Topics that were covered by other speakers included: How to grow personal finance with digital tools, How to build a profitable online business in our most preferred niche. How to use digital platforms to promote personal brand, How to leverage payment platforms for more income and so on.Participants at the event said they never thought something this great could happen in Ilorin and the event has really opened their eyes and mind to more opportunities to be productive.To further improve the lives of people and even the economy of the state, the organizer plans to create a digital community (Ilorin Digital Community) that will not only enable people gain digital skills in various sectors, but also monetize these skills and tap into the various opportunities that the digital economy provides.

To support or find out more about the Ilorin Digital Community, please contact ilorindigitalsummit@gmail.com

Written by: Yemisi Ajeojo 2018

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