HELP, I’M GETTING OLDER! By: Oluwasegun Oluwalana.

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God has a purpose for everyone who belongs to him, a purpose for everyday of our lives, be it long or short days.
Each day we are given is for giving, serving and for living fully.
It is God who gives us strength. This is just as true in old age as it is in our youth. So many christian try to serve the lord with their strength and eventually fall. God understands us and knows what we are capable of and will always give us the ability, strength and staying power to accomplish what He wants us to do. When we accept our limitations and totally rely on Him, He can use us in ways that we probably haven’t thought about. At some point in our lives, God makes us realize that age isn’t a problem to him. God’s miracle working power overcomes our human frailties.

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Who told you that you are old? That you can’t attain nothing again? Who said you can’t fulfill your purpose again? I was privileged to visit a prison yard some days back, I saw up to 1000 inmates, both young and old, singing and dancing to God, they have choristers, interpreters, keyboardist and drummers all rejoicing. They still have the belief that our God can still make a way for them….Hmm.

Brethren even in your old state something good can still come out of you…hold on to God and you will be forever young…I love you all…

Written by; Oluwasegun Oluwalana.

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