HEAL ME, HEAL US. By: StacySpeaks.


Many of us are sick but unaware
Sick because that’s what defines our society
Sick even when we look, feel and eat healthy.
Yes even the medical practitioners are sick; their case is worse because they were trained by sick people to heal us of ailments they also suffer from. I know it sounds crazy but I’m not done yet.

Our education system is sick,
How do you explain giving a tuber of yam and a live chicken as a gift to the best graduating student of a school? Yet you tell me it’s not sickening; just hold on.

Politicians are even sickle cell patients; how would you register for only English in NECO and your result comes out as 7 credits and 1 pass meanwhile you had an F in the subject you even registered for… I’m choking, I need some air.

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Our parents tell us about how they were virgins till their wedding night but how come two months later you were born? Aren’t we sick? Guess honesty could heal us somehow.
The earlier we let ourselves know how sick we are and begin to search for medications, the better for you and us.

Purge us of this insanity, restore our minds, heal our thoughts and stop all these lies. Stop telling your children you always came first position during your youthful days in a bid to get them serious with their academics; many of them need encouragement not deceit, support not backlash, love not abuse. You’ve been warned for the 150th time!

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Written by: StacySpeaks 2018

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