Great Powers Are In Books Too. By: Orunmbe Toluwanimi.


She woke up in the morning ready for business as usual. Working in the Abraham Lincoln library was a daily privilege for Adesua. She arranged and sorted a variety of books from science textbooks to English notebooks and novels. There was always a book to suit her mood. Today was a Tuesday and the library was about to close, she picked up a mystery novel and opened it. Then something fell out, scribbled on a square sheet of paper was “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, a man that never reads only lives once”. 

Books come in different shapes and sizes, colours, and prints; some are small others are big, they could be blue, black or brown, rectangular or square, tiny or large prints. In any way they come, one thing common to all books is the power they hold to change your perspective and influence your discussion. 

To activate the power in books you have to open your mind to all the possibilities. Enjoy the book, page by page, sentence by sentence, word by word, live the characters and take notes. What you learn from a book today might be what You need to solve a problem tomorrow. Books are the past of others so learn from their mistakes don’t make it your next stumbling block. I believe that when you read a book you have the opportunity to know more about the author. 

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What you read could determine who you are and for all leaders, you lead by what you know and what you know is a result of what you read that’s why Margret Fuller said “Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader”. I hope that I have been able to convince and explain to you that rather than just seeing black and white, put down in pen and paper is an author’s mind and heart.  

And to end it all, my last words are “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates loot on treasure Island”- Walt Disney. So pick a book and read it through and you will discover it has something for you. Can you see that there is more to books than meets the human eye? Open your mind to the great power in books. Open one and see the world from your room. 


Written by:  Orunmbe Toluwanimi, Junior category winner of ‘The Everyday Chapters’ Secondary School Students Literary Contest. Toluwanimi is 11 years old and in JSS 2.

The Everyday Chapter is a literary organisation that passionately promotes and encourages the good reading culture amongst the young generation and also creates platforms of expression for creatives.

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