GRASS BLADE. By: Olachukwu.

They say that life will pass you by if you’re not careful,  that there’s no point taking time to notice something if you don’t take time to appreciate it!

Something easier said than done in this fast track age we live in. It’s just amazing how fast time goes by; only few more months and I’ll be a fully grown man of the century.

But what a day to be outside for once, just lying flat out on this small forbidden lush green carpet.

I wonder if this lone blade of grass I stare at only appears to be unusual because of my perceived thoughts at this moment. Probably due to the causes and effects of my interests. Probably my illusions of the future or my imaginations of the past, or it’s just from the perspective I’ve chosen to look at it.

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Maybe it’s the sun’s rays skipping across this last small patch of crisp foliage. Everything so magnificently magnified from my excellent vantage point, everything somehow strange, ..different, wonderful.

If I could only push my face a little further into the soft thickets, or maybe dig a small hole to lower my head and obtain a better perspective. I’m sure this bold blade of grass would appear even more majestic, even more fearless, this noble prince that stands a little straighter, a little stronger, a little more determined than his forgotten brothers for the affections of their sun goddess.

Amazing how something so small and insignificant can prove to be so alive, so vital. One of the things I would never have noticed, maybe never have appreciated. Its just magnificent!

This article is written by Olachukwu (2017). Photo source: Google Chrome.

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