Forgiveness is hard!
I’m about 20 and I’ve seen a lot of things happen, I’ve heard a lot of betrayal stories and for a while I just will say forgive and forget the way the bible says it. I for once never took time to digest or imagine what pain could be in the hearts of those that were hurt, until some months back when I felt stabbed in the heart.
I never knew the pain from betrayal could be so much. I hurt so badly I wished the whole memory could be wiped away from my brain but reality said otherwise.

So I chose to face my pain personally. It’s really hard to look at someone who has hurt you and smile but sometimes, to move on you have to let go.
There’s always a lot to achieve when u let go of what has held you down for such a long while.
I therefore can’t say it’s an easy process to forgive anyone but forgiveness is the key to releasing some blessings. Forgiveness has a lot of benefits because you wouldn’t be holding grudges which weighs so much in the heart.
All this boils down to the need for us to forgive more, I’m not saying it is easy, I’m not saying it’s just something you wake up and decide to do and it happens like that.

Forgiveness is a hard path and we have to follow that path if we really want to make life worth the while. Personally, this fellow I said stabbed my heart is still being forgiven, I still feel the pain but on a daily bases it gets easier to look up to his face, not to his eyes yet. I still have to forgive regardless of what wrong has been done to me.
So to everyone reading this, I’m pleading with you to forgive all those who have wronged you, I totally understand how hard it could be but I promise you that it’s worth it.

It’s always worth it to forgive. To forget is even harder but it’s possible to let go of pain and embrace the joy that comes when your heart is light without the burden of anger against a fellow human or even God. 

Written by: Oba 

Photo source: Google Chrome.

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