Turning 20 is the best thing that has happened to me recently; I had the most amazing weekend and I thought that sharing it here isn’t a bad idea.

20 looks good on me.

Fasten your seatbelt, grab a cup of hot coffee and join me on this amazing journey as I give you details of my last weekend. Rewind to Saturday April 7, 2018 it was the much long anticipated Kotrell Live in Concert in Bowen University; I’m sure you are wondering what that is; be calm jor.

KLIC was organised together with the brand launching of Cakes n Ribbons and Sisibola Mobile Kitchen so you can imagine how hyped the concert was.

Kotrell Live in Concert Hall.

My Friends and I wore our makeup and dressed up so gorgeously that people began to ask if we were the owners of the event. We really didn’t mind as we were all determined to slay hard in our own little way and make that red carpet feel our impact. The event was slated to start by 1pm but trust us nowwwww, we got there by about 3:15pm when the red carpet was over; everyone had settled in and the event was already rolling.

Trust us we weren’t bothered, all that was on our mind was to get some red carpet pictures which we did and walked majestically into the hall. Our bad!

As four of us walked in I felt all eyes were on us. Like waoh! Who are these girls? We sat at the front table that was tagged, reserved as per friends to the organizers of the event. At this point Kotrell was on the stage singing and blowing minds away including mine; you can’t blame me though.

Kotrell. @obas_imagery

I just knew that this show was for me and I couldn’t help myself from having a top notch conversation with a guy who knows my type of music. Various Bowen University artists came on stage to present good music and as the girl that I am, all I did was to scream and hail them because my dancing skills are zero.

External guests at the KLIC. @obas_imagery.

The emotional part was when the host (Black MC), told me to stand up while the guests sang a birthday song for me as they wished me a happy birthday in advance. Temmy, the CEO of Cakes ‘n’ Ribbions came up to give her brand launch speech and after the speech she gave 12 cupcakes to 12 special people in her life. I really wasn’t listening until I saw her look at me as she said, “this cupcake goes to my friend, Stacy Ketiku, who always has a solution to all my problems” then handed the cake over to me. I was almost tearing up but I had to pack well and not smear my makeup.

CEO of Cakes n Ribbons and Black MC

Towards the end of the show I walked up to Kotrell to famz him as you’ll call it but that’s your business. I had dropped all my shy characteristic at my hostel, I was determined to have a beautiful day from start to finish and guess what??? Kotrell is one of the most pleasant people I’ve met in a while argue it with your snapchat filter.

Kotrell and StacySpeaks.

We began our discussion as he introduced himself like a gentle man that he is, “I am Cotterell Atonopriya, but for the sake of my career, call me, ‘Kotrell’. I’m a Christian, yes I love God a lot. I’m an indigene of Rivers State, Nigeria. I’m a music artist and a final year student of the Department of Economics, Bowen University. I won’t lie to you; I didn’t want to believe that Kotrell was an Economic student because I felt he is too cute to be doing all those plenty calculations on demand and supply.

Veron performing at KLIC. @obas_imagery.

He told me about his music career and his type of music because he is just so different from the regular Bowen artist.I started singing in a Kids music group at my church when I was a lot younger. I wrote my first song ‘Living word’ when I was 9years old and recorded it when I was 11years old. At this point, my music career had started in my head and I had a vision for making it go far and grow bigger. I released my official debut single “Tic Toc” in 2016. For a teenager who knew nothing about how the Music Industry operated at the time, I can say that it was successful. The song got really good reviews and it motivated me to keep pushing. I put out another single ‘Incredible’ the following year and it was also good. Since then, I haven’t really been much of a recording artist but a performing one.

Kotrell. @obas_imagery.

My music revolves around the ‘Truth’, I mean the truth about every aspect of life. So I make music about my relationship with people, my love for God and myself as well as life experiences. I am inspired my music from these popular music artists; Called Out Music, Johnny Drille, Ric Hassani, Doron Clinton and a few others.
Originally the idea I had for KLIC was a rather small one

Jimi Jang performing Live at KLIC. @obas_imagery.

I just wanted to create a platform where my friends and fans would come together and listen to live music from me. I noticed live music was lacking on campus and I needed to make music come alive. I also wanted it to be a platform to share some of my new songs I’ve written but haven’t released over the years; I shared my little idea with a few people who helped me reshape my vision. It took several hours of detailed planning and execution to put this event together.

Fans at the concert. @obas_imagery.

I worked with an awesome team led by Òmólògó Entertainment as well as some top brands on campus who reached out to me and supported the cause through publicity, financing, and sponsorship in various forms. I had over 20 good heads on my side and most importantly, ‘Oluwa’ was very much involved so we put up a formal announcement for the event and the response was truly astonishing.

Kotrell. @obas_imagery.

The scope became bigger; it became a classy, paid for event that was different from anything that had been witnessed on campus. It became a celebration of my musical journey so far in Bowen University along with fellow student artistes and all those who believe in my craft.

Nuzi performing Live at KLIC. @obas_imagery.

It became a source of inspiration for other artistes on campus especially the younger ones. It became the most anticipated show, the first sold out show on campus and the best according to reviews so far by the grace of God. All I aimed for was to make people happy at the concert and lighten up their mood with music and entertainment; at the end my expectations were exceeded for real”. I could sense how excited Kotrell was so I felt it was best to allow him to express himself for a job well done.

Tatama. @obas_imagery.

Moving on Kotrell is short of words and doesn’t know where to start from with his appreciation note but he obviously has to make this call else he’ll shake the table some individuals are sitting on. “Yeahhhhh I’m truly grateful to a lot of people, without them, there wouldn’t have been a sold out KLIC. First of all to Toluwani Ujiogba (CEO of Òmólògó Entertainment), to my amazing friends: Ogunko Ayodeyi (Black MC), Esse Richards, Okunade Temitope (CEO of Cakes and Ribbons), Olayiwola Bolaji (CEO of Sisibola Mobile Kitchen), Oguntunji Enime (Eni2talk), Bunmi (CEO of Famlul and GLIRT), Mohi (CEO of Mohi Studio), Siya, Fiyin, and Amasi Vitalis. Omg! I really hope I didn’t miss out any names, if I did I’m really sorry. I sincerely appreciate all the media partners and brands who contributed to the success of the show. To my fans, I’ve got nothing but love for you. All great things start small, thanks for believing in me.

CEO Sisibola Mobile Kitchen giving her brand launch speech. @obas_imagery.

Apart from the fact that Kotrell Live in Concert had some challenges with the sound system and ventilation the guests didn’t even mind as a number of them stood up to dance the trending shaku shaku dance.

One of the shaku shaku masters at KLIC. @obas_imagery.

It was a moment that no one could resist because if you weren’t dancing, you’d have been video recording but you had to choose a struggle. In all, I felt like this concert was a planned pre-birthday party organised for me by my ancestors. You can’t even argue it with me because Kotrell can testify.

Queen of the shaku shaku dance. @obas_imagery.

Written by: StacySpeaks 2018.

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