Shot by: Fiwajomi PhotoArt

If you’ve been following up on my column, you must have realized what turns me on and what put me off. For me, creativity makes me go crazy while the norm sends me to an asylum. I have seen great artworks and pictures, but those that steal the moment are not usually created with the best tools but are those born out of wide imaginations. To stand out and cave your niche you must be willing to step beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone and channel a new course for yourself. 99% of my creations are born out of desire to do something great, unique and of good quality. Someday I hope I take shots while jumping from a skyscraper with a parachute to capture an aerial view of whatever lies beneath me; I hope to take amazing pictures of what lies underneath the deep blue sea.
We all have within us the spirit to invent, to become more than we are now. We all have the capacity to be great, to leave our names on the pages of history. We all have the ability to impact other people’s lives, to love one another so much that we eradicate hate. If the norm of our society is what has kept us in this state then we have to open that box of creativity, the box of love and affection to reach out to each other. We all to start thinking outside the BOX.
Fiwajomi PhotoArt…be everything you imagine.
Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa 2018.
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