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Illustration by Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

The grass isnt green any longer. It was suppose to be a rich land flowing with milk and honey but these politicians hides their agenda with their smiles and promises while they campaigned for various offices during elections. Life is not all about sharing rice, beans, cooking oil, t-shirts, and caps. Without realizing we’ll need meat for our meals to go down well.

Well, the meat business in the country is still thriving as snakes and monkeys are performing their duties. Let’s make the herdsmen gainfully employed so that they no longer have to slaughter us with open arms.
From kidnapping to SARS, rape, suicide and armed robbery yet we are the giants of Africa.
There is no excuse to commit a crime but even in corruption the police is still your friend.

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Another election is here they are waiting for us at that same junction with the same strategy of bean and rice as well as their unending promises. I hope you have your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) because monkeys, snakes and cattles already have theirs. At the 2019 presidential elections our PVC may or may not decide but we’ll know we tried.

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Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

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