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I am Fiwajomi, a pencil artist who adores creativity and perfection so I ll be sharing with you what art means to me and we’ll be giving highlights of what a perfect week is for me.

I had been so engaged this year and haven’t been able to meet most of my targets regarding art. Did I hear someone say that the year is still fresh??? 😏😏😏 The year 2018 has been a year of discovery for me; I have been able to focus more on other parts of art than the other. Yes, I have been working on my photography skill and attempting the production of backdrops. The good news is I recently tried digital art which we know as illustrations.

In the midst of all my activities, my love for pencil drawing can’t be ignored so I picked up my tools and began working on a picture in my achive. I had become very rusty; almost found it difficult to hold my pencils the right way 😥😥😥 My blending skills was an error and when I tried getting the various textures of the hair I was ashamed of myself already. Like Fiwajomi wake up jor this ain’t you man!!!

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After so many trials and moments of concentration, I was able to come up with this portrait art work as I tried to replicate a digital photograph into a pencil drawing.

Camera picture.

They say practice never ends. Indeed it never really does especially when your mind is fixed on a goal. I’ll actually keep practicing till I explode😁😁😁.
The medium used for this artwork is ~ charcoal and graphite pencil on alabaster paper.
Protrait size ~16*14inch.
Duration of the completion of the artwork ~ Uncountable hours.

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