FIWAJOMI’S CREATIVE DIARY: Everyone Says, “He is Handsome”.


The heart of every artist is ignited when one tells them their artwork is amazing, but it was a different case for my recent drawing. The artwork is a 16 by 12 inches portrait of a dashing young man, created with charcoal powder and charcoal pencil. I had only finished drawing the head when I decided to share it online to know people’s reaction towards my work and in a twinkle of an eye a million and one comments flooded my timeline. The content of all the comments were tied around the same meaning as it all read, “he is handsome” or “he is really cute”. At this point I took a moment to look at the reference picture (digital picture) all over again to really find what people where seeing that made them have similar reactions. Yes, he is handsome but trust women will always be extra at giving such compliment. What had happened to the part where they all say, “woahhh your art piece is beautiful?” Well, I became aware of what portrait art really is. Portrait art is essentially done to replicate the image in a way that it can be qualified with words as though it were a living thing. You need to hit the bull’s eye; for every aspiring portrait artist your aim should be to bring your portrait to life.

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Written By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa (2018).

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