EVOLUTION. By: Fiwajomicupid.

Fiwajomicupid’s Photo Art.
Original Photograph of Emoney.

Medium: Pencil on Paper. 

Size: 20 by 18inches. 
Model: @iam_emoney. 

It’s been a long year and precisely 11 months since I got stuck with portrait art. I vividly remember my first drawing and how marveled I was when I finished it; I never knew I had so much potentials.  I’d like to make reference to Brian Tracy in his book, “No Excuse, The Power Of Self-Discipline”, he wrote; to achieve something that you have never achieved before, you must learn and practice qualities and skills that you have never had before. I ask myself, what does a guy with a BSc in Economics, Pgd in Supply Chain Management, and several certifications have to do with Art or spending several hours with a pencil and paper trying to replicate images.  Passion, ambition and survival has taken me beyond my wildest imagination. 
I always say this: Nothing is impossible, it’s just where or what we channel our energy to that determines what comes out of our lives.
Evolution is not just a portrait art as I usually draw, but recreating the entire environment with the aid of pencils and paper such as the car, reflection, the poles and cloud effect. Its amazing how possible things we think aren’t possible can actually become possible.
Africa has great capacity to perform and you are one of them. Be the evolution Africa requires to be a better place. You can and you will.

This is an original drawing of Fiwajomicupid (2017).

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You can check out other artworks done by Fiwajomicupid on Instagram @fiwajomicupid. You can also contact him if you are interested in getting a portrait for your or loved one this season.

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