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Name: Joyce Peters

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Educational Qualification: Undergraduate of Nutrition and Deitetics

Brand name: Joyce Peter’s Photography

Commencement Date of Business: 2014

Number of Years Business Has Been in Existence: 4 Years

Description of Business: A Photography Business

Are Your Parents in Support of Your Business? Yes

Motivation: The Beauty of Bringing Ideas to Live and The Art of Creativity. 

Role Model: Kristian Schuller and TY Bello

Major Business Challenge: Mobility, Balancing School Work with Photography. 

Major Business Achievement: Getting interviewed by Instagram on my photography. 

How Do You Source For Finances To Run Your Business? I save money from my previous shoots and I get holiday jobs.

Where Do You See Yourself in 7 Years? As a nutritionistdietitian and photographer. 

If You Are Given 50k to Invest In Your Business What Would You Use it For? I would use the 50k to buy a battery powered strobe light.

Advice Someone Who Is Scared To Start A Business: Don’t hold yourself back by telling yourself ‘I’m not ready’.

Make A Shout Out To People Who Have Been Supporting You Relentlessly: My family, Potato, Ayo, Pearl, Chiqa, Ife, Sade, Shewa, Ireti.

Social Media Handle: @_joycepeters_

Email Address: Joycepetersss@hotmail.com


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