#NigerianYoungEntrepreneurs: ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK ON STACYSPEAKS.COM 20/4/2018.


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Name: Olajumoke Fasheun

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Educational Qualification: Bsc. Mass Communication (Undergraduate).

Brand name: Ewa Fabrics and Weavon
Commencement Date of Business: The business officially started in June 8, 2017 but has been in operation long before it became known to the public.

Number of Years Business Has Been in Existence: 3 years ago

Description of Business: Sales of weaves, wigs and fabrics.

Are Your Parents in Support of Your Business?

At first they were not in support of my business but as time went on they became in full support when they saw how enthusiastic I was.

Motivation: My motivation truly is my mum she gives me the drive to want to be independent.

Role Model: My role model is myself in 5years time. I already admire the woman I want to be by then so I have started working towards it and following the footsteps of “what would the Jumoke of 5years time do now?”

Major Business Challenge: The major challenge of my business at the initial stage was getting good suppliers. The suppliers I was using sold some bad products to me so I had to compensate my customers and this made me run at a loss but it really didn’t matter because my major aim was customer satisfaction. Therefore customer relations and feedback is a necessary part of my business; I love to leave my customers happy so that they’ll want to patronise me another time.

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Major Business Achievement:
The major achievement hasn’t been attained but owning a brand that is getting to be known amongst people is a step towards achieving it… by Gods grace in a few years time I should be able to tell u the major achievement.

How Do You Source For Finances To Run Your Business?
Major source of finances has been my savings since my first year in school but of recent I collected a loan from my Mum… lol … iya jebu she will collect her money back with interest being an investor in my business.

Where Do You See Yourself in 7 Years?
In 7 years time by Gods grace I see myself owning one of the biggest fabric distribution houses and weavon stores in different parts of the country home and abroad as well as establishing my own foundation for the less privileged with an attached ready-made cloth store for as low as 50naira for the less privileged.

If You Are Given 50k to Invest In Your Business What Would You Use it For?
I would use it to invest in ewa fabrics and weavon like buying equipment and tools necessary for the growth of my business e.g. different wig heads, sizes of comb, hair moisturizers and many more.


Advice Someone Who Is Scared To Start A Business:
It’s never too late to start something you want the whole world to know you for but the earlier you start the better for you.

Make A Shout Out To People Who Have Been Supporting You Relentlessly:

I would be wrong to mention specific names but I do appreciate all family and friends who have always been there for me.

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