EMOTIONS. By: Ordeezy.


Expected to be strong, no pain mentioned.  

To them his gender speaks perfection.
Always gives but never receives affection.
Work all day and still give her attention.
He could never express his pain
Be strong! Be a man! Is all they say.
Drowning in oblivion, unclear of his name.
No man would listen, to Jesus he would pray.
Mockery cloud his face.
Laughs echos in his head.
Solitude, his only place
Where his cries were heard.
Pills and liquor became his comfort zone.
His lover soon became unknown.
Liquor made the gutters his new home
Pills made him speechless to his phone.
Tears ran down his face nights after night.
In his dream he would fall from heights
To a dark hole without light.
He was weak, without might.
Found dead, down the stairs.
He was buried by parents with tears
Because no one listened for years
Then opened door to his fears.
He was a man; expected to be “strong”
He was human filled with emotions.
This poem written and composed by Ordeezy (2017).
Photo source: Google Chrome.
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